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Update spell checking section in the configuration file
author Mikael Berthe <>
date Tue, 30 May 2023 16:37:46 +0200
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mcabber (1.1.3-dev)


 -- Mikael, ?

mcabber (1.1.2)

 * Fix display when sending message to a full JID (Frank Zschockelt)

 -- Mikael, 2020-09-19

mcabber (1.1.1)

 * Fix compilation with GCC 10 or -fno-common in CFLAGS (Andrey Utkin)
 * Link against tinfo _or_ tinfow (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Fix otr disconnected message for otrv4, remove support for libotr 3.x
   (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Fix exiting from verbatim multiline mode (Michał Kępień)
 * Add support for displaying the number of unread messages for each roster
   entry (Michał Kępień)
 * Fix roster colors (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Add colorcli theme (Jonas Jared Jacek)
 * Hide the log window when log_win_height <= 0 (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Refactor carbon message handling
 * Other misc. bugfixes and cleanups

 -- Mikael, 2020-09-06

mcabber (1.1.0)

 * New "VI" mode (option 'vi_mode') (Holger Weiß)
 * Fix issues in buddylist rebuild (franky)
 * Do not use g_slist_free_full() which requires glib2 2.28.0 (Frank Bergmann)
 * Use UTF-8 validation of file content when sending a message from a file
 * Documentation updates

 -- Mikael, 2017-06-04

mcabber (1.0.5)

 * Much better performances with huge rosters (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Fix issue with carbons
 * Fix small memory leak
 * contrib/vim: Support reloading filetype detection

 -- Mikael, 2017-01-29

mcabber (1.0.4)

 * Bugfix: Check the origin of roster pushes
   Cf. Gajim's CVE-2015-8688 and

 -- Mikael, 2016-11-21

mcabber (1.0.3)

 * Link with the tinfo library
 * Fix default modules directory on OpenBSD (Tim van der Molen)
 * Create history log dir if it doesn't exist (Andrey Utkin)
 * [OTR] Do not send empty subjects when using otr (franky)
 * [UI] /set does not display password values anymore (Egor Kovetskiy)
 * [MUC] Use nick to set the role
 * Misc help/documentation updates

 -- Mikael, 2016-09-18

mcabber (1.0.2)

 * Compatible with Loudmouth >=1.5.3 with SHA256 support (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Ignore the untrusted certificate warning when user sets a fingerprint
   (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Stop HTML-escaping OTR messages - only strip known tags (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Read $HOME/.mcabberrc if there is no mcabber configuration directory
 * Minor documentation updates

 -- Mikael, 2016-02-27

mcabber (1.0.1)

 * [PGP] Improved PGP-encryption support
 * [PGP] Improved support for GnuPG v2+
 * [PGP] Encrypt messages with our own PGP key and decrypt our own
   encrypted messages when Carbons are enabled
 * [PGP] New PGP options: 'gpg_path' and 'gpg_home' (Holger Weiß)
 * [PGP] Check all signatures and stop immediately if one could be verified
   (Sven Gaerner)
 * Improved Carbons support (Holger Weiß)
 * New option: 'clear_unread_on_carbon' (Holger Weiß)
 * Improve SSL fingerprint management;
   Display the server SSL fingerprint when we connect
 * Use XDG configuration directory if it contains a configuration file
 * Fix a few memory leaks
 * Fix external password support (especially on OS X)
 * Fix resizing when mcabber is built with --enable-sigwinch
 * Fix reading of history log files w/o LF character (Sam Whited)
 * Minor documentation updates
 * Other misc. bugfixes and cleanups

 -- Mikael, 2016-01-27

mcabber (1.0.0)

 * Message Carbons support / XEP-0280 (Roeland Jago Douma)
 * Support for using external password managers (Christian Burkert)
 * [UI] Add a backward completion (Oleg)
 * [UI] Multilanguage spell checking (Dmitry Potapov)
 * [UI] New option 'buffer_smart_scrolling' to lock buffer automatically
   when scrolled up (Hermitifier)
 * [UI] New command /roster next_open_buffer
 * [UI] New option 'attention_char'
 * [UI] Try to display the GLib warnings in the log window
 * [UI] Display the number of occupants in MUC rooms (shizeeque)
 * [UI] New option switch /room topic -u to unescape the topic (shizeeque)
 * [MUC] Support for storing MUC room passwords (Nico Golde)
 * [MUC] Use bookmarked password (if any) when using "/room join"
 * [Hooks] New "hook-mdr-received" hook
 * Remove support for obsolete XEP 22 (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Misc. bugfixes and minor improvements

 -- Mikael, 2015-06-28

mcabber (0.10.3)

 * [UI] Add option 'iq_time_hide'
 * [UI] Add 'iq_version_hide_os', 'iq_version_hide_version'
 * Improved handling of damaged history log files
 * Switch to libotr v4 API (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Add SSL options (Frank Zschockelt)
   These options require a patched Loudmouth library.
   - "ssl_ciphers" to define the allowed ciphers
   - "ssl_ca" to set additional trusted certificates
 * Fix compilation for old loudmouth libraries (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Add 'color_timestamp' to highlight timestamp added by server (Hermitifier)
 * New python based event script using OS X 10.8 notification center (Sharoon
 * Handle SIGHUP signal (Dominik George)
 * Misc. bugfixes

 -- Mikael, 2014-05-08

mcabber (0.10.2)

 * Update receipts handling according to recent XEP updates (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Update and modularize the FIFO system (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Modularize url_regex
 * [UI] Add readmark support - a line is displayed afer the last read message
 * New command /buffer readmark
 * Add command /iline clear_history
 * Add command /iline iline_insert (Hermitifier)
 * Add command /room setopt flag_joins (Hermitifier)
 * The command /say_to has a new option '-e' so that "\n" can be used
 * [MUC] Improve MUC support (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * [MUC] Add support for XEP-0249 / Direct MUC Invitations (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * [MUC] Refresh the roster when MUC bookmarks are received (Jan Zachorowski)
 * [MUC] preserve bookmark when updating a non-joined room  (Jan Zachorowski)
 * [MUC] Fix bookmarks losing autojoin attribute  (Hermitifier)
 * [MUC] Display real JIDs in non-anonymous rooms (Hermitifier)
 * [MUC] New option 'muc_bookmark_autoupdate' (Hermitifier)
 * [MUC] Fix whois / auto_whois
 * [UI] Remove deprecated invisible status
 * [UI] Go back to the first buddy with /roster next_unread when there are
        no more unread messages (Simon Jacquin)
 * [UI] Add option 'roster_no_leading_space' to remove the extra space
        before items in the roster (Simon Jacquin)
 * [UI] Allow to select which buddy resource messages go to (issue #55)
        with new commands /roster resource_lock|resource_unlock (Hermitifier)
 * [UI] Do not warn when the configuration file contains 256-color values
 * Add support for XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities,
   with offline cache (Hermitifier)
 * Fix segfault when spell checking is enabled and spell_lang is not set.
 * Fix "/rename -" (Hermitifier)
 * Do not add items to roster with commands /move and /rename (Hermitifier)
 * [UI] Handle the Enter key on Maemo systems (diSabler)
 * [UI] Add 'color_log' (text color in the log window)
 * [UI] Add 'color_readmark' (readmark color in chat buffers)
 * [UI] Use guards for colors (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Update color themes in contrib directory
 * Documentation update
 * Many misc. bugfixes and minor improvements

 -- Mikael, 2012-12-02

mcabber (0.10.1)

 * Display a warning when the configuration file hasn't been updated
 * Display better messages when connecting to the XMPP server
 * [MUC] Do not block MUC private messages when 'block_unsubscribed' is set
 * [MUC] Fix handling of empty room topic
 * [MUC] Add caps to presence when joining a MUC room
 * New option 'completion_ignore_case' - completion is now case sensitive
   by default
 * Display module API information in the output of /version
 * Increase the number of available categories for completions
 * [Hooks] New "hook-subscription" hook, update to the message-in hooks
   (See ChangeLog.api)
 * Many misc. bugfixes
 * Minor documentation update

 -- Mikael, 2010-12-01

mcabber (0.10.0)

 * Switch to the Loudmouth library (franky)
 * Warning: 'username' has been replaced with 'jid' in the configuration file
 * MCabber can now do DNS SRV lookups
 * [UI] Buffers have priorities (and by default MUC rooms have a lower
   priority).  The priority is used by mcabber to jump to the next unread
 * [UI] The attention sign (!) is displayed for urgent messages or when
   the user nickname is used in a MUC room (depending on the buffer priority)
 * [UI] Use locale to determine the online help language (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * [UI] Print list of options with "/set" (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * [UI] Fix iline word_upcase/word_downcase/word_capit commands
 * Add support for modules in mcabber (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Sample "beep" module (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Allow commands shading (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Message Receipts (XEP-0184) support (franky)
 * Update of Entity Capabilities support (franky)
 * New command /request ping (Myhailo, Mikael)
 * Add libidn support
 * [MUC] Allow changing the nickname in MUC bookmarks (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * [MUC] A suffix (i.e. ":") can be appended to completed nicknames
 * Command "/source" now accepts a file pattern (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Tracelog level can now be changed at runtime (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Small vCard support improvements
 * Startup status can be set in the configuration file
 * Obsolete option 'hide_offline_buddies' has been removed
 * Obsolete XEP-0022 (Message Events) is now disabled by default
 * No suffix is displayed in the status bar after the 'info' value
 * Add Vim syntax file for mcabber history log files to contrib

 -- Mikael, 2010-04-11

mcabber (0.9.10)

 * Include Franky's mcabber user guide
 * Add option "use_mouse" (franky)
 * Reduce the CPU usage when the server is unreachable
 * Export the FIFO pipe name as an environment variable (Lukas Kuklinek)
 * Add support for spellchecking with Enchant (caolan)
 * Add --compact parameter to /room names (shizeeg)
 * Add count parameter to roster up/down command (knyar)
 * Misc. fixes and improvements

 -- Mikael, 2009-10-06

mcabber (0.9.9)

 * Fix uninitialized pointer (reported by T. Glaser)
 * Clean up FIFO on SIGTERM (T. Glaser)
 * New Czech translation
 * Update PL and NL help files

 -- Mikael, 2008-10-09

mcabber (0.9.8)

 * [UI] A new message flag (O) shows when OTR is used
 * [UI] For folded groups, the number of unfiltered contacts is
   displayed (franky)
 * MCabber adds a random resource suffix by default
   There is a new option 'disable_random_resource' to disable it.
 * New command: /buffer save (save the contents of a buffer to a file)
 * New command: /echo (display a message in the log window)
 * New option 'fifo_ignore' (Suggested by T. Glaser)
 * New option 'info' to display arbitrary strings in the status bar (franky)
 * New option 'iq_hide_requests'
 * New option 'url_regex' to extract URLs and display them in the log
   window (franky)
 * New pastebin/tiny-er event script (Alexander Clouter/Jamie Lentin)
 * /roster hide/toggle doesn't automatically enable chat mode anymore
 * '#' is displayed on the buddy status line when the current contact has
   unread messages (M. Vuets)
 * /room bookmark shows more information (autojoin, nick...)
 * [MUC] Nickname colors now depend on nicknames (M. Vuets)
 * [MUC] The topic can be cleared
 * [OTR] Fix JID case issue (franky)
 * More bugfixes and improvements (see detailed changelog)

 -- Mikael, 2008-10-05

mcabber (0.9.7)

 * Pressing enter when a group is selected will toggle the fold status
 * New option 'ignore_self_presence'
 * New option 'log_display_presence'
 * New option 'eventcmd_use_nickname'
 * New option 'statefile' to keep track of unread messages across restarts
 * New option to customize the away/notavail priority (Michael Gehring)
 * New external "UNREAD" event
 * Add FIFO named command pipe
 * New switches for /say_to: -q, -f
 * New command /status message (to only change the status description string)
 * Let /del remove a MUC entry from the roster
 * Allow more than the 16 default colors (mjs)
 * Randomize the default resource
 * Improve OTR support
 * Improve Remote Controlling Clients (XEP-0146)
 * Improve reading of history files
 * Fix compilation on systems which need -lcharset
 * Add optional SIGWINCH handler (Markus Hennecke)
   (improves resize events on OpenBSD)
 * Fixes from MirBSD (Thorsten Glaser)
 * Some more fixes and improvements (see detailed changelog)

 -- Mikael, 2008-04-17

mcabber (0.9.6)

 * Improve Cygwin support
 * Fix compilation on OpenBSD
 * [UI] New option 'escdelay'
 * [MUC] New command /room setopt
 * [MUC] More room settings are stored in the server private storage
 * [MUC] The command /room ban can be used with a nickname
 * [MUC] New rooms are automatically unlocked (suggested by M. Weiser)
 * A few misc. bugfixes

 -- Mikael, 2008-01-13

mcabber (0.9.5)

 * Implement internal hooks: post-connect, pre-disconnect
 * Extend command /source; any command can be used in a sourced file
   once mcabber is running
 * [OTR] New option 'otr' (to enable OTR support in the conf. file)
 * [OTR] Disable OTR encryption for non-user contacts
 * [SSL] Do not connect when the SSL settings can't be used
 * [MUC] Add "/room names --detail"
 * Add command /roster item_toggle_lock
 * A group name can be specified in the /group command
 * [UI] Remove the restriction on the message sizes for displaying
   incoming messages
 * History logfile: Use a special code (MI) for local MUC info messages
 * Usual misc. improvements and bugfixes
 * Update Polish translation

 -- Mikael, 2007-11-19

mcabber (0.9.4)

 * New mcabber command line option -V (displays the version)
 * MCabber can be linked against GnuTLS
 * Optional OTR support (Frank Zschockelt)
   New commands /otr and /otrpolicy
 * New command /room unban
 * New command /roster display to filter the contacts per status
 * New command /color (Michal 'vorner' Vaner)
   - Add configurable roster colors
   - Add configurable colors for info and incoming messages
 * MUC nickname coloring (vorner)
 * Add selectable time prefixes (vorner)
 * Implement /buffer close|purge [jid]
 * XEP-0203 - Delayed Delivery
 * Improve iq:last support (Michael Scherer)
 * Allow sending normal and headline messages (vorner)
 * Allow longer lines in config file
 * Fix proxy usage when SSL is disabled
 * Misc. bugfixes
 * New Italian translation (Alessandro Dotti Contra)
 * Update online documentation and translations

 -- Mikael, 2007-10-27

mcabber (0.9.3)

 * Enable gpg-agent again
 * Improve MUC nickname completion
 * Fix a roster bug when receiving a MUC invitation
 * Fix Aspell support on some systems
 * Update manpage and Polish translation

 -- Mikael, 2007-06-19

mcabber (0.9.2)

 * XEP-0115 - Entity Capabilities
 * "~" (HOME directory) is allowed in the configuration options
 * The key binding system is much more flexible (Oleg Nemanov)
 * New command "/source" to read a configuration file
   New commands "/iline", "/chat_disable" and "/screen_refresh" (Oleg Nemanov)
 * Aspell support (Piotr Zielonka)
 * mcabber will load symlinked histories only once, now (Frank Zschockelt)
 * Partial support for XEP-0146 [Remote Controlling Clients] (Michael Scherer)
 * Line highlighting in MUC rooms
 * Improve MUC nickname completion
 * /roster bookmark in the status buffer now shows all bookmarks
 * PGP encryption can be enforced with the "/pgp force" command
 * New options "muc_flag_joins", "buddy_me_fulljid"
 * New options for the command /room names: --short, --quiet
 * A UTF-8 bug with group names has been fixed (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Fix a few odd command line behaviours (Oleg Nemanov)
 * Fix a segfault in XMPP Ping support (reported by univac)
 * Fix a small issue with Private Storage detection
 * Misc. bugfixes
 * A "mcabber.desktop" file is provided

 -- Mikael, 2007-06-12

mcabber (0.9.1)

 * The Ctrl-q binding isn't hardcoded anymore
 * Major memory management and speed improvement
 * New commands "/buffer close" and "/buffer close_all"
 * New options "cmdhistory_lines" and "max_history_blocks"
 * New option "logging_ignore_status"
 * Add a few event scripts (OSD and libnotify examples)
 * New events option "events_ignore_active_window"
 * Support for invitations to muc rooms (Michael Scherer)
 * Response to XMPP Ping (XEP-0199) (Michael Scherer)
 * Fix /say_to to contacts of a folded group (reported by Salvador)
 * Fix a bug in the history logging (incoming "/me " messages)
   (reported by Frank Zschockelt)
 * Fix a few memory leaks (Michael Scherer)
 * A few more misc. bug fixes and improvements
 * Rewritten mcwizz setup script (Mulander)
 * Add scripts to contrib: and
   (Frank Zschockelt)
 * help: Add Russian translation (Loenko Artyom)

 -- Mikael, 2007-02-10

mcabber (0.9.0)

 * Auto-reconnection after a network or server failure
 * XEP-0022/XEP-0085 - Events/ChatStates support, a.k.a. typing notifications
   (Alexis Hildebrandt, Mikael)
    New option "disable_chatstates"
 * XEP-0027 - Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage
   New options "pgp", "pgp_private_key"
   New command "/pgp"
 * XEP-0054 - VCard-temp (retrieval only)
   New command "/request vcard"
 * XEP-0048 - Bookmark Storage
   MCabber can auto-join bookmarked rooms
   New command "/room bookmark"
 * XEP-0012 - Last Activity
   New command "/request last"
 * XEP-0145 - Annotations
   New command "/roster note"
 * New commands /roster item_lock|item_unlock
   These commands allow us to lock a contact so that it stays visible in the
   roster (when offline contacts are hidden).
 * New commands /roster group_prev|group_next
 * New options "log_win_on_top" and "roster_win_on_right"
 * JID completion for hidden buddies/groups
 * MCabber answers IQ disco#info queries
 * Ctrl-d sends multi-line messages (same as /msay send)
 * help: Add Ukrainian translations (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Configurable command character (Alexis Hildebrandt)
 * Fix unicode detection on BSD systems
 * Misc. bug fixes and improvements
 * Update documentation and translations

 -- Mikael, 2006-12-16

mcabber (0.8.3)

 * Fix truncation of UTF-8 buddy names in the roster (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Fix SSL support on OS X (Alexis Hildebrandt)
 * Fix a freeze with some mistakes in the configuration file
 * Update the sample event script to be more portable
 * Fix some UTF-8 related issues
 * Fix permissions of help files
 * Correctly display the first message of a buffer (it wasn't wrapped)

 -- Mikael, 2006-11-16

mcabber (0.8.2)

 * Fix a freeze with UTF-8 locales
   Some commands were causing a freeze when there was a trailing space
   in the command line.
 * The current ssl_verify value is used in /connect (no need to restart
 * System messages are not blocked anymore when the option
   "block_unsubscribed" is set
 * Do not enter chat mode after command "/del" or when somebody joins a room
 * Display mcabber version in the status window (when chat mode is disabled)
   (Suggested by pmw & hednod)
 * Small code cleanup and a few cosmetic changes

 -- Mikael, 2006-09-19

mcabber (0.8.1)

 * Fix a bug in key bindings (with special keys)
 * Fix a compilation issue on some systems (e.g. Slackware)

 -- Mikael, 2006-08-21

mcabber (0.8.0)

 * UTF-8 terminal support (Reimar Döffinger)
 * SSL server certificate verification (Jefferson Ogata)
 * CPU usage improvement (Christof Meerwald)
 * New configuration script, (Adam Wolk, Mateusz Karkula)

 -- Mikael, 2006-08-13

mcabber (0.7.8)

 * Fix a small issue in make install
 * help: Add French translations
 * help: Add Polish translations (Michal Jeczalik Jr/Daniel Czerniawski)

 -- Mikael, 2006-06-27

mcabber (0.7.7)

 * New "status" special buffer
   This buffer contains the log window data.
 * MCabber does not stop when there is no configuration file
 * New command "/help" (online help)
 * New command "/authorization request_unsubscribe"
 * New command "/msay toggle_verbatim"
 * New command "/buffer purge"
 * New commands "/buffer scroll_lock|scroll_unlock|scroll_toggle"
 * The commands /alias and /bind now list the defined aliases and key bindings
 * Groups can now be renamed
 * Fix a small buddylist bug when receiving a subscription request
   (the buddylist wasn't always refreshed)
 * Fix a bug (hang) in the input line
 * Display incomplete subscriptions in the roster
 * Remember the status message when a contact goes offline
 * Extand "/event" to allow a wildchar '*'
 * New option "block_unsubscribed"
   When set, messages from people who don't have a subscription to our
   presence updates are blocked.
 * New option "delete_on_reject"
   When set, people are automatically removed from the roster if their
   subscription request is rejected.
 * New option "max_history_age"
 * MUC: New option "muc_auto_whois"
 * MUC: MCabber can join password-protected chatrooms
 * MUC: Allow "/room join . [nick [pass]]" if the current item is a MUC room
 * MUC: Fix joining a room when the buddylist is empty
 * MUC: Try to work around some server and network issues
 * Ctrl-l now rereads color option values
 * Tab characters are expanded when the "verbatim multi-line mode" is enabled
 * Disable file permission checks on Cygwin
 * Improve logging (especially, XML data isn't truncated anymore)
 * Fix negative priority
 * Fix a few memory leaks
 * Other misc. bugfixes and improvements
 * Documentation updates

 -- Mikael, 2006-06-21

mcabber (0.7.6)

 * Initial Cygwin port (Soren Andersen)
 * Fix a segfault when mcabber is not connected to a Jabber server
   (reported by Mario Iseli)
 * Correctly restore term settings when interrupting the password query
 * Fix a small bug in the /request command (reported by pmw)
 * MUC: Fix "/room whois" with UTF-8 nickname
 * MUC: Fix completion for UTF-8 nicknames
 * Improve support for long messages
 * Add command "/msay toggle"
 * Allow messages with a subject (with /msay)
 * New option "log_display_sender"
 * Multi-line mode: Do not send empty messages
 * Update documentation

 -- Mikael, 2006-04-14

mcabber (0.7.5)

 * History files now use UTF-8 encoding
   See file "NEWS" for an example to convert existing log files
 * UI change: Add two status/info lines
 * Meta keys can be used (and bound to a command)
 * Add Ctrl-left/right to move 1 word backward/forward in the input line
 * Outgoing messages can be colorized
 * The color options names have changed, several colors have been added.
   Bright (bold) colors can be used for the text.
   A theme directory has been created.
 * New "/event" command.
   Subscription requests are not automatically accepted anymore.
 * New IQ system, for Jabber IQ request
 * Add "/request time|version" commands
 * Add "/roster hide|show|toggle" commands
   This allows having a full-width chat window.
 * Group names are now case sensitive
 * Add "--enable-hgcset" option to the ./configure script, for people using
   the Mercurial repository.  If used, the /version command will display
   the Mercurial changeset.
 * We try to display as many roster items as possible in the buddylist
 * New "beep_on_message" option
 * New "eventcmd_checkstatus" option
 * New "roster_width" option
 * Improved English messages (thanks to Philip M. White)
 * Fix a small issue with resources containing uppercase chars in /status_to
 * Fix iq:time handling: really return UTC time when answering a request
 * Sync libjabber with upstream
 * A lot of small bugfixes
 * Documentation updates

 -- Mikael, 2006-04-03

mcabber (0.7.4)

 * Fix a segfault when reconnecting to the server or rejoining a room
 * Fix a segfault when a group and a contact have the same name

 -- Mikael, 2006-01-17

mcabber (0.7.3)

 * Fix a segfault when a resource contains non-representable chars
 * Fix an UTF-8 encoding issue when joining a room
 * Fix an eventcmd issue
 * Chat Mode is automatically enabled when some commands are entered
   ("/info", "/room names", "/room whois")
 * Messages can be sent to agents
 * The unread_message flags are not reset when the server connection is lost
 * MUC: server messages do not set the new_message flag anymore
 * New "load_muc_logs" option, logfiles are not loaded for MUC room by default
 * New "nickname" option, to set the default nickname in chatrooms
 * Add "/msay send_to" command
 * "/add" and "/status_to" can be used with special jid "." for the current
   selected buddy
 * Lots of misc. bugfixes
 * Documentation updates

 -- Mikael, 2006-01-12

mcabber (0.7.2)

 * Lots of internal changes (code cleanup)
 * Improved commands parsing
   Commands now handle correctly resources or nicknames containing whitespace
 * The roster is updated in real time when receiving an update from the server
 * "/info" shows subscriptions (none, from, to, both)
 * "/info" and "/room whois" show presence timestamp
 * Add "/authorization" command, to manage subscriptions
 * mcabber now answers IQ requests
 * The deprecated Agent list IQ request has been removed
 * Empty resources are displayed (do not use the arbitrary "default" string
 * MUC: "/room topic" shows the current room topic
 * MUC: "/room nick" shows the current nickname
 * MUC: Add "/room kick", "/room ban", "/room whois"
 * MUC: Add "/room affil" and "/room role"
 * MUC: Add "/room destroy"
 * MUC: Display a message when somebody is kicked/banned from a room
 * MUC: Display a message (and the reason, if there is one) when a room has
   been destroyed
 * MUC: Multiple other fixes and improvements
 * Handle messages beginning with "/me " (it is replaced with the nickname)
 * New "/version" command
 * Documentation updates

 -- Mikael, 2005-12-19

mcabber (0.7.1)

 * New option 'buddy_format' to select the way buddies are displayed in
   the log window
 * New option 'show_status_in_buffer' to display status changes in the
   buffer (chat) window
 * The "/status" command has been improved -- its behaviour has changed,
   please read the manual page
 * The log window height can be set
 * Add "/buffer up" and "/buffer down" commands
 * The "/move" command does not jump to the body in the new group anymore
 * MUC: Nickname completion in a room
 * MUC: Improved "/room names" command
 * MUC: departure messages are displayed
 * MUC: mcabber now notices when it is ejected from a room
 * MUC: status is updated in chatrooms
 * External commands: the message body can be passed to the external command
   (see the sample configuration file and the sample eventcmd script)
 * UTF-8 conversion failures are written to the tracelog file (if enabled)
 * The resource priority can now be changed once connected
 * Fix a bug when moving a chatroom to another group (in the roster)
 * Minor cleanup (warnings, small memory leaks and compilation stuff)

 -- Mikael, 2005-11-26

mcabber (0.7.0)

 * mcabber should build on FreeBSD
 * New /rawxml command
 * New /status_to command
 * New /stay_to command
 * Multiple resources support
   The resources can be seen using the /info command
 * Initial Multi-User Chat support
   New /room command (invite, join, leave, names, nick, privmsg, remove,
   topic, unlock)
 * Warn the user when a message is received, which cannot be decoded
   (local charset unable to display some chars, for example)
 * Fix a bug when a buddy's name cannot be converted from utf-8 for
   being displayed in the roster (fall back to jid)
 * Fix: Status message is not lost anymore when using /move command
 * Add "/buffer %" and "/buffer date"
 * A few misc bugfixes
 * Update documentation

 -- Mikael, 2005-10-10

mcabber (0.6.8)

 * Proxy support (see updated mcabberrc sample file)
 * Better handling of server error codes/messages (we try to respect RFC3920)
 * A contact does not show up as "online" anymore when mcabber receives an
   error presence packet
 * Check the tracelog file actually belongs to the user, if logging is enabled
 * Fix a potential connection failure introduced in 0.6.7

 -- Mikael, 2005-09-12

mcabber (0.6.7)

 * Allow a different server name than the jid domain name
   (which allows connecting to Google Talk).
   The libjabber patch (credited to Ian Johannesen) comes from centericq.
 * Reduce CPU consumption when mcabber is not connected to a Jabber server
 * Update libjabber (sync with upstream)
 * Fix a weird crash when trying to connect to a closed port
 * Display text messages corresponding to the Jabber server error codes
 * Display full dates in the trace logfile

 -- Mikael, 2005-09-02

mcabber (0.6.6)

 * Use Glib for UTF-8 conversions
 * A screen resize does not terminate auto-away
 * Ctrl-l does a full screen refresh
 * Ctrl-c is treated as a normal key; we're now using ncurses raw mode
   so it doesn't trigger a signal
 * Speed up history file loading

 -- Mikael, 2005-08-17

mcabber (0.6.5)

 * Add Debian directory for packaging, create an experimental package
 * Add a few external actions (MSG OUT, STATUS *)
   The contrib/eventcmd script has been updated
 * Use better messages for server connection states
 * [FIX] Fix a segfault when starting mcabber in a really small terminal
 * Fix some history log directory issues
 * - Check history directory permissions and configuration file permissions
     They are corrected automatically (to 700 and 600)
   - Warn when mcabber main directory ($HOME/.mcabber) has bad permissions
 * First Ctrl-c didn't really leave multi-line message mode! (merge issue)
 * Add "/buffer search_backward"  and "/buffer search_forward", to search
   for a string in a buffer window
 * Add "/roster up" and "/roster down" commands
 * New logging system.  The "debug" file has been replaced by a "trace file",
   and 2 levels are available.  In level 1, the messages from the log window
   are written to te trace file.  In level 2, debug messages and XML are
   written to the file.  See the sample configuration file.
 * A few other internal changes and minor bugfixes

 -- Mikael, 2005-07-26

mcabber (0.6.4)

 * Configuration file format change (see NEWS file)
   Aliases & key bindings can be put in the config. file
 * Enable /set command
 * [FIX] Convert status messages to/from UTF-8
 * The /status command can specify a status message
 * Display the buddy status message when a buddy connects/changes his status
 * New autoaway feature (see sample config. file)
 * New "/roster alternate".  Jumps to the last buddy window left in chat mode
 * Handle "error" message type
 * One Ctrl-c does not terminate mcabber anymore (the 2nd Ctrl-c does), but
   leaves multi-line message mode and aborts current completion
 * Add a sample script to handle events (currently, it plays a sounds when
   a message is received)

 -- Mikael, 2005-07-20

mcabber (0.6.3)

 * Fix interactive password crash
 * Disable /set command (it is almost useless)

 -- Mikael, 2005-07-12

mcabber (0.6.2)

 * The history log file format has changed; the old log files written by
   mcabber < 0.6.1 are no longer supported and should be converted.
   Please see the NEWS file for the details.
 * New multi-line "verbatim" mode (/msay verbatim).  In this mode, all
   commands but /msay are disabled, so that lines beginning with a slash
   can be sent
 * Ctrl-o (accept-line-and-down-history) has been added
 * Add "/roster search jid|name" to look for somebody in the current buddylist
 * Color configuration handling improvement
   NOTE: configuration file needs to be updated; see sample config. file!
 * Resource priority can be set (see sample config. file)
 * Status messages can be user-defined (see sample config. file)
 * mcabber now warns when logging is enabled and there is a write error while
   writing to log files
 * Remove busy/occupied status, which does not exist (it could be an alias for
 * The settings system has been rewritten
 * Fix segfault when the resource is not specified
 * New /alias command
 * New /bind command
 * Add /roster toggle_offline
 * Add /connect and /disconnect commands

 -- Mikael, 2005-07-11

mcabber (0.6.1)

  * Fix backspace handling (KEY_BACKSPACE isn't reliable)
  * Change logfile date format to iso8601 (more readable!)
    A script is available in contrib/ to convert the existing (old) logfiles
    MCabber will display a warning when parsing an old-style file
  * Implement Ctrl-q (jump to first/next unread message)
  * Implement initial support for multi-line messages (/msay command)
  * The /add command can now set the nickname
  * Display a warning when the locale is UTF-8
  * Display log notice when sending a notification request message
  * Update INSTALL and mcabberrc.example files for better explanations
  * Comment out useless code (fix a compilation error with gcc 4)
  * Add Makefile for the doc subdir; the manpage will be installed now
  * Minor fixes

 -- Mikael, 2005-06-25

mcabber (0.6.0)

  Initial fork from cabber 0.5.0-test1
  Lots of changes, here is a quick summary:
  * Use automake/autoconf
  * Switch to libjabber
  * SSL support with OpenSSL (should work with gnutls but I didn't
  * History scrolling and resizing
  * History logging (and reading)
  * Small manpage (AsciiDoc documentation)
  * Buddy groups implementation
    - fold/unfold groups
    - hide/show offline buddies
  * Commands, and command completion system
  * Hooks for external events (for ex. when receiving a message)

 -- Mikael, 2005-06-07

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