mcabber is a small XMPP (Jabber) console client.
mcabber includes features such as SASL/SSL/TLS support, MUC (Multi-User Chat) support, history logging, command completion, OpenPGP encryption, OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) support, dynamic modules and external action triggers.
Please read the manual page (manpage link below) for more information.

mcabber is released under the GNU GPL, and has been tested on GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Cygwin.


Download & documentation


Please see the wiki for a list of known mcabber packages for your operating system.


My PGP public key is here and my Minisign public key is here.
(The minisign key is itself PGP-signed there.)

Support, Development

MCabber is maintained by Mikael BERTHE.
There is currently no mailing list about mcabber. You can join the MCabber MUC conference room if you have some suggestions or questions:

There is a FAQ on the wiki.

If you are interested in mcabber development, please have a look at the Mercurial repository. The best way to get in touch with us is to join the MCabber MUC conference room too (see above).


You can see what mcabber looks like on the screenshot below:

More screenshots -- Your screenshots look better? Send them to me!! ;-)


mcabber is free (libre) software. If you like it, please consider making a donation.
You can make a donation using PayPal, or if you wish to donate by other means, please contact me directly.

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